Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sunshine news and a special freebie!

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow, I am doing my first ever Speed Scrap. Well, I'm hosting my first ever speed scrap! WG Dani held one on Monday and I am doing one tomorrow at 10 EST which is 9 my time. Head on over to Sunshine Studios. There will be a thread started tomorrow, but even better is that we will be in the chat room. See this came about because I noticed that people like to chat between directions and the forum threads would get enormous and I would never be able to find the directions. SO, I thought, why not do it in the chat room and have a thread for the non-chatters. It worked well on Monday, so that is how we are going to do speed scraps over at SUN! Join us because there is a cool posting bonus!

I'm just re-iterating this from my last post because it is an AMAZING opportunity to get FREE Sunshine kits:
Us Wonder Girls get the distinct pleasure of talking about SUN kits all the time! It's a wonderful job!! In the spirit of giving, we are also offering it to you! All the details are in this thread at SUN, but the gist is that you give a preview and link to the kit and link us to your blog in the thread and one lucky person will get the kit for free! How cool is that?!?!?

New stuff over at SUN too!
First, this great paper pack from Kiki!

Greedz has a new kit too! Veralyn:

And Kristi's new kit:

And I said you could have a special freebie and you can! This paper pack is my contribution to the kit being put together by members of SOTB. Every Friday night there is a chat called Friday Night Live and it is at 10 EST. We play games and have fun! The games always have a prize which everyone wins. 2 weeks ago JenJen opened it up for us all to make papers to give as prizes and this is my set. I'm sharing with you so that maybe you'll like it enough to join us on Friday (or any other Friday)!
Instead of showing you the actual papers, I'm going to show you the color swatch we are using! Look at those pretty colors! The kit is called FruFru Denim and all of the links can be picked up at this thread at SOTB! Click on the swatch for your paper pack!

Monday, July 28, 2008

hello! and TWO freebies!

Hi again!

I'm pleased to announce that Dominick has no problems from his fall! I honestly didn't think he would, but I felt REALLY guilty! Also, my nephew Ryan has had his 1st birthday party and didn't dissappoint with the cake, so I'll be scrapping those photos soon!

In Sunshine news, SWW is upon us and is in full swing! Today was the first speed scrap and it went really well! There are lots of challenges going on and we are super excited! So come on over and join in!!

Ohhh, new kits and a FANTASTIC opportunity for you to win SUN kits!! First, the new additions:
Amy Sumrall has this collab with Krystal Hartley:

It's linked AND she's got a freebie on her blog!

Lliella has a great new kit coming out, but all I can show you is this preview which is so cute!

And, how can you win some great SUN kits? Us Wonder Girls get the distinct pleasure of talking about SUN kits all the time! It's a wonderful job!! In the spirit of giving, we are also offering it to you! All the details are in this thread at SUN, but the gist is that you give a preview and link to the kit and link us to your blog in the thread and one lucky person will get the kit for free! How cool is that?!?!?

Katie Mann has a new kit out and it is AWESOME!! It is called Logan after an extended family member and I love it!! Look at the LO I made today with it (this was also for the speed scrap)! It is linked for full credits!

Jen Maceyunas is still the featured designer at Digitals! She has a great daily download that you can still take advantage of!

ok- for your freebies! A couple of posts ago, I gave out the alpha I made for last month's SWW, but apparently the link didn't work, so I added an extra alpha in there as a bonus.

Also, I promised some more help for the element challenge at SUN, so here are your pieces!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Do you remember last month's SWW Daily Download? Well, for a short time before the next SWW starts, we are offering it on the Wonder blogs! That means a blog hop for those of you who didn't get the daily download from last month. Those of you who did, stay tuned 'cause we made something really cool this month!

Here is my part- the alpha! I don't have a preview of the whole thing, but click on the A to get the download!

Now head on over to the Sunshine blog for a little info on SWW and the other links!

PS: The other Wonder Girls' blogs are linked in the right hand column!

After Ryan's birthday party (my little nephew is 1!), I will post some pix and another freebie! A 2 for 1 day!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm a bad mom and a freebie!

I feel HORRIBLE!! Today, Dominick was sleeping on our bed with pillows on either side. He woke up and scooted his way to the edge of the bed and fell off :( See horrible mommy- I never should have left him sleeping on our bed and I should've checked in more often. He's fine, but mommy feels horrible....

Some good news, however, is that the schedule is set for SWW (Sunshine Wonder Week) and there is lots of cool stuff going on!

So, which ones are mine? I am so excited to do the Speed Scrap on Thursday! I am hosting that one and WG Dani has the Monday one. I am also running the Element Challenge. HINT: you may want the freebie for the element challenge! Also, come back tomorrow for a few more!

If you like bingo, Madame Wing has that on Saturday, Aug 2nd and she is also doing Hit the Sunshine Ship everyday at 11 est. Don't forget to hang out at Sunshine Studios on Saturday- you may be RAKed by Vasco!

Know what else, new Sunshine Girl Beckie has a great new kit out! AND a freebie on her blog!!

Ok for your freebie..Since it's a surprise, I'm not giving you a preview. But I will say that they will come in handy for SWW. Also, check back tomorrow for a couple more!
Click on the purse for your download!

Monday, July 21, 2008

An award!

Beckie Wallace, a new Sunshine designer has given me this award!

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4. Put links of those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the blogs of the girls you’ve nominated

So, who am I nominating? Well, let's start:
Katie Mann
Jen Maceyunas
My Scrap Shop
Bratty Sisters
Pixel Gypsy- Sherrie Piegdon
Scrapkitty Designs

Check out these cool blogs!

So, I took a test today and it was determined that I am a low ranking nerd. Check out what kind of nerd you are!

I am nerdier than 65% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hi all! So sorry it's been so long :(

I have BIG Sunshine news!! All of the new designers and Sunflowers (apprentice designers) have been revealed!!! Go to the Sunshine Shop for all their fantastic products!

The Sunflowers aren't selling yet, but they are:
jen*uine Artistry
Dani's Delusions
Madame Wing
Boyerville Scraps

Be sure to check out the special edition of the Sunshine newsletter for bios of each new addition! Click the blinkie on the right hand side to sign up!!

Also, in big Sunshine news: A new FREE mega kit!! It's called Mango Tango and it is AWESOME!!!! Go to the Sunshine blog to begin your blog hop!! Believe me, you want this kit- it's soooooo gorgeous it should be illegal!

Other designer news:
Jen Maceyunas is the featured designer at Digitals! You know what that means! A BIG sale and freebies!! Go to Digitals and grab the daily download from Jen- it's an alpha set and hybrid album form her new kit! Hint: go to the homepage -> store -> categories -> free downloads

Katie has some new kits available! A few Christmas ones and some hybrid albums! Check out her store!

MSS has new designers as well! You want to know who, right? Well, go here and find out! BE SURE to check them out!

Now.....I'm gonna tease you a bit! Know what is July 27- Aug 3? Yep, Sunshine Wonder Week! We are showcasing Jigsaw Pieces, the Sunshine Collab and boy do we have fun planned for you!! All the goodness of last month PLUS some more!! Check back for all the details!!

Your freebie is a piece of wordart I made for a great LO I did!
LO of my baby boy!

Freebie is the wordart in black instead of blue! Click image to download! I didn't put a TOU in the file, but I hope everyone will only use it for personal use.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hi again! (and another freebie)

Wow! Twice in one week! I'm going crazy with the blogging!

So, what's new? Well, there are a couple things.
A brand new kit from Kristi at Sunshine!! Isn't it pretty?!?! I linked it for you ;)

Then, I also did pages for you to see with some of the Sunshine kits! I know I don't often show individual pages, but I'm gonna today. BTW- I don't because I do a lot of pages and I would feel bad picking and choosing.

From Nursery Chest, which you have a chance to win here at DST or here at MSA all you have to do is show a picture you would use if you got the kit! The template I used for this kit can be found on Wonder Girl Jen's blog!

From Vicki's Summer Vacation- a Sunshine Collab for the Opening Day contest winner:

Other stuff:
There is a new Sunshine Wonder Week coming and we've got some cool stuff going on! Make sure you are available July 27- Aug 3. We are showcasing Jigsaw Pieces!

Sunshine has a new newsletter- it goes out weekly and monthly! Keep up on all the news and you may find a freebie or two! Go here to sign up!

Well, I know of some freebies on designers' blogs- I'll even link you, so it's easy to get there!
Katie Mann still has her freebie QP up on her blog! Go get it!

Jen Maceyunas put a freebie on her blog! It is great!

Moon Scraps has a sampler of his Nursery Chest kit on his blog. It is a must have!

Make sure you check everything out! And since you made it this far, you deserve a freebie from me! A template made from my vacation LO! The image is linked!

Monday, July 7, 2008

LOTS of new stuff- AND my first ever CU freebie!

Hi all! It's been a while and I'm gonna try to blog every couple of days. We'll see how that goes!

All images are linked!!!

You want to see the new stuff right?!?!?!
Well, let's go then...
This is a new one from Amanda Kay who is back with a brand new computer!
She held a contest for the name and she went with Vibrant Spirit:

Shawn also has a new kit in the Sunshine Shop- Frugal Pleasures:

AND brand new today is Moon Scraps new kit: Nursery Chest. I'm so excited about this kit because it obviously for babies, but is not the usual things!

Now, there are lots more new things and you can see them all on the front page of the shop or on the Sunshine blog.

Other Sunshine news:
New Designers!! They have been chosen, but not announced to the world. If you want a sneak peek, go to the welcome thread and see who is brand new. It will give you some ideas of the spectacular designers joining the already awesome Sunshine designers!

July QP Olympics! This month we are featuring a super kit by Monica (mgl scraps). It is Cinnamon Breeze and it is soooo awesome.
And if you look at the thread (image is linked), you'll see some awesome QPs already! I have mine done, but will show you later in the week!

Now, my other designers have been busy as well!
Katie has a new kit out: Melissa. She also has a bracket album to coordinate and a FREE QP on her blog now!!

And remember, Katie has all of her new stuff 25% off for it's first week!!

Bratty Sisters also has a couple new kits coming out! It's been a while, but these are so pretty! I can't wait to show them to you!!

Jen Maceyunas has a new Scrap A Sketch because of her challenge at Digitals. You should check it out!!

And guess what! Yep, a freebie! This freebie is small, but it is my first ever CU freebie! Hope you enjoy it!! Click the preview to download!Until next time!