Thursday, September 23, 2010


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunrise Sorbet

Hey all! Look at this! 3 posts in as many months....go me!! LOL

Anyway, I do have some goodies for you....stay tuned after these messages:
SUN collab:
SUN's April collab, Denim and Daisies is available for only $3!! This is seriously a cute, cute, cute kit! You need to get it! The image is linked to the store to make it easy for you to get!

Seriously cute! It has been said that this is the best collab yet and I believe it!

SUN challenges! At SUN we run challenges each Sunday and Wednesday. They run for one week and each have their own prize. These can be a coupon to a designer's store or a mini kit. You just never know.....unless you check them out! They can be found here!

Two of my CT designers are going to be guesting at other stores this month!! I can't tell you where each one will be yet, but stay tuned to the Studio mgl blog and the Madame Wing blog for further news!

Yep, we have yet another awesome blog train for you! This one is Easter Themed and has some bright fun colors! If you are here from DigiFree or another site, click the banner and go to the SUN blog to see everyone participating!
You should have come from Anne's blog.
Here is what you are getting from me:

There are 6 solid papers, 4 eggs, 2 stamps, and 1 frame.

And you are off to Madame Wing's blog! I hope you enjoy the blog train!

Ok...until next time....Happy Scrapping!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hello everyone!!
I'm back! So, Flergs came up with the idea for a St. Patty's Day blog train and I jumped on it! I love St. Patty's Day. When I was younger, it meant my birthday was the next day and the love hasn't stopped. I'm not so much Irish, but it's fun!

Before we get to the goodies, let me show you a couple cool things:
1) Twilight Grabbag at SUN for only $3!!!! AND you have a chance to win next month's collab too- just by scrapping a page and letting us see it!
2) SUN's new Flickr group: The gallery has been shut down and we are venturing to a new way of showing off awesome SUN products: Flickr! It's not done in the digi world...most sites have a gallery. So, we are breaking the mold and starting a new trend! Check it out to see new SUN layouts!!

That's all I have for let's get to the goodies!

You should have come from Monica's blog (Studio mgl) and you are going to Kristi's blog next.

If you got lost, the banner at the top of my post will bring you to the SUN blog where all spots are listed.
Until next time....happy scrapping!

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi everyone!!

You can probably see that it has been a loooooong while since I last posted. I'm a bad blogger. Oh well! Can't do everything!

So, why am I blogging today? You probably know and want the goodies!! But, you will have to wait just a second for those. I wanna show you a couple things first. I am down to only a few CTs now and I am going to show you some new stuff!!

Studio mgl:
Monica has come up with this AMAZING collection: Dreams in Color 2.0. It is stunning and HUGE! There are kits made with 12 different can buy the kits separately or get the whole collection!

Madame Wing:
Ale has had some beautiful kits out recently, but I love the grabbag! I can't tell you what's in it, but it has some great colors! AND it's only $3!!

Elise's Pieces:
My newest CT! I have loved Elise's stuff since she was at PGD and she has graciously allowed me on her CT now!! She also has a new grabbag- for only $2.99!:

Sunshine Studio Scraps:
My digi home. I am officially an admin there and love the place! We've gone through some changes recently, but it's so much better now! I really want to show you the collab grabbag: Lover's Walk. It's only $3 and you can play along with my challenge to win March's collab!

When you have a moment, come check out the challenges (and use Rainbrella!). We run them twice a week AND each one has a prize!

So, the reason you are here: Rainbrella!

If you are here randomly or from DigiFree, please head to the SUN blog for the complete list of names and blogs! I hope you came from Ginger's blog!
Here is what you get from me-image is linked!

That's the end of the train, but in case you missed it, start here at Flergs' blog!!

Thanks for joining us today!!