Thursday, February 4, 2010


Hi everyone!!

You can probably see that it has been a loooooong while since I last posted. I'm a bad blogger. Oh well! Can't do everything!

So, why am I blogging today? You probably know and want the goodies!! But, you will have to wait just a second for those. I wanna show you a couple things first. I am down to only a few CTs now and I am going to show you some new stuff!!

Studio mgl:
Monica has come up with this AMAZING collection: Dreams in Color 2.0. It is stunning and HUGE! There are kits made with 12 different can buy the kits separately or get the whole collection!

Madame Wing:
Ale has had some beautiful kits out recently, but I love the grabbag! I can't tell you what's in it, but it has some great colors! AND it's only $3!!

Elise's Pieces:
My newest CT! I have loved Elise's stuff since she was at PGD and she has graciously allowed me on her CT now!! She also has a new grabbag- for only $2.99!:

Sunshine Studio Scraps:
My digi home. I am officially an admin there and love the place! We've gone through some changes recently, but it's so much better now! I really want to show you the collab grabbag: Lover's Walk. It's only $3 and you can play along with my challenge to win March's collab!

When you have a moment, come check out the challenges (and use Rainbrella!). We run them twice a week AND each one has a prize!

So, the reason you are here: Rainbrella!

If you are here randomly or from DigiFree, please head to the SUN blog for the complete list of names and blogs! I hope you came from Ginger's blog!
Here is what you get from me-image is linked!

That's the end of the train, but in case you missed it, start here at Flergs' blog!!

Thanks for joining us today!!