Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blog Hop Party!!!

Tomorrow kicks off our favorite week of the month- Sunshine Wonder Week (SWW)!

What is SWW? It is a time when the Wonder Girls get a chance to let you win AWESOME prizes by completeing challenges! Look at all the awesome challenges for you!

Which ones did I set up for you? Take a look at these:

Yes, that says my speed scrap is 9am EST on Sunday- that's tomorrow!! I hope everyone can join us for a fabulous time!

Well, to kick off the week, each of us Wonder Girls made a little something for you! You will have to go to each of their blogs to get the little piece you want! Each blog is linked in my sidebar!

What did I make you? Check it out and click on the image to download!

oooooh, but WAIT!! I had this great idea for a matching alpha, so I threw one together! This is not SUN sanctioned, but it goes so well! Here it is (click on image to download)

DO NOT forget to visit all the other WG blogs for the rest of your mini- kit!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

I did it and a freebie!

I did it! I completed 2 speed scraps in 1 night!!
At DSG, Mary gave the directions and here is the LO I came up with:

At SUN, Greedz gave the directions and here is what I came up with:

Check this out:

Can't tell you exactly what is going on, but it's big!!

Don't forget: I am hosting a speed scrap at DSG tomorrow night at 9pm and Sunday morning at SUN at 8am! Please come join me!!

Your freebie is a template I made up today using an ad for inspiration! Click image to download!

Make sure you stop back tomorrow as we are kicking SWW off with a WONDER GIRL BLOG PARTY and I will have something for you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fun Fun weekend ahead!!

Hi everyone! I know- 2 posts in a week! But I have a fun fun fun weekend ahead in the scrapping world and want to tell you all about it!

Can you say Speed Scrap? Well, I can and I have 4 of them to attend/host this weekend!!!

Digital Scrap Garden is having it's first birthday party and DSG designer (and my good friend) Mary aka Catlady Designs and I are hosting 2 Speed Scraps to celebrate! These will be Friday, Sept 26 and Saturday Sept 27 at 10 EST which is 9 my time. I know there will be posting prizes cause I made some- hehe. Join us in the DSG chatroom to participate!

Also, the SUN weekly speed scrap will be Friday, Sept 29 at 11 EST which is 10 my time! SUN designer Kelly aka Greedz Graphics is hosting. We will be playing for points good toward SUN products and word on the street is that Kelly may have a little something as well......

AND, Sunday, Sept 29th kicks off our September Sunshine Wonder Week!! We had to cancel August's, so you can believe us Wonder Girls are sooooooo excited about this! I was so excited, I agreed to host a speed scrap at 9am EST on Sunday! (Yep, that's 8am my time!) I hope lots of people can make it!

Ok- non-speed scrap things:
1. We have a font challenge going on at SUN!! You have until Saturday to participate!!
2. This weekend's SUN newsletter has a freebie from ME!! It is a mini kit I made based on some photos of my son at the park. You can see a LO with it below! Sign up for the newsletter by clicking the blinkie in my sidebar!!
3. Wanna see some awesome new kits? Check these out:
A fantastic new collab from Amanda Kay and Designz by Kristi: Black Tie Affair

An awesome retro kit from Amanda Kay and Greedz Graphics: Retro Jive (how fun are these colors?)

A beautiful girly kit from Greedz Graphics: Ashley Rose

There are lots of other great kits at SUN! Check them out in the store!

4. Mega Doodle Inspired has some great new stuff that I have been testing:
Football overlays:

Sticker Action: There is one for PSCS and above for PS7 and PSE:

OK to recap:

And before I sign off, I have a freebie for you. This template was made from this LO and the mini kit from the LO can be found in this weekend's SUN newsletter!

click the template preview to download!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More news, great kits and a freebie!!

Hi everyone!

I want to start by saying that I remember why I love teaching. It's hard and can be incredibly frustrating, but it is a great job to have! I have been teaching calculus and am having all kinds of fun with it!

Guess what! I am a member of a couple new teams! I have been accepted as part of Studio mgl's blog CT. Basically, we will keep a CT blog for her and I can't wait. Stay tuned for our grand opening! Also, her husband, Vasco of Moon Scraps, has accepted me as part of his CT! I've worked with Vasco since becoming a Wonder Girl since he is our fearless leader. What I LOVE about his work is that it isn't always traditional. Stay tuned for some LOs with his awesome kits.

We will have a new SUN challenge on Tuesday. Can't give you any hints, but it will be fun. Make sure you check in Tuesday at The Race Track for our awesome challenge. I can tell you that we have a speed scrap on Friday!

*ad made with Veralyn from Greedz available at SUN
Yep, Kelly of Greedz Designs is hosting it! Can't wait to see what she comes up with!!

Wanna see some awesome new kits? Well, here they are!
From Franziska:

From Moon Scraps and Ellie Lash:

From Denise Liemert:

The September Collab:

In non-SUN news:
Digital Scrap Garden is having a birthday party and I've agreed to help Mary of Catlady Designs in doing some speed scraps. The dates and times haven't been finalized, but you will know as soon as I do!

If you haven't been to Kiki Halbert's blog to do a blog challenge, make sure you check it out! I'm not on her CT, but have been having fun with her challenges!

And your freebie is a template I made:

Until next time, have a wonderful time!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

new news and a freebie!

Hello everyone!

Can I just say that kids grow up too fast? My baby is 9 months old already *weep* He's pulling himself up on things and is gonna figure out walking very soon :( I want more time with my baby before he becomes a big boy! And my oldest step-son (who is 12) is losing more and more of his innocence- becoming a young man. I want my little ones back! I'm sure every mother (and most step-moms) can relate to this and have probably said it themselves.....

Well, on to scrapping news. Let's start with a new group I'm part of! Mega Doodle Inspired asked me to be on her product testing team! Our first assignment was a set of patterns and tutorials. They are awesome and, the best part, they DO work in my PS7!!! Check them out at her stores- I am linking you to the MSS store, but they are also at Scrappin Freestyle. She has them in PS, PSE and PSP versions and in overlays for those who don't use those programs! Right now they are 50% off!

Watch my blog for freebies using this product!!

On to Sunshine news!
First of all, Polka Dot Plum hosted a speed scrap last night and I completed it! Here is my LO using Sweet Afternoon, the September collab from SUN designers:

Yep, it's my baby boy. And, seriously, I've made so many LOs of him not doing anything that I've had to start naming them with his name and the kit name! That's how many photos I have! Poor kid!

Our next speed scrap will be next Wednesday (yep, I originally said Thursday) at 9pm EST hosted by Sweetie Leah!

*ad made using Cosmo-tini from Shawn Headley Designs

We still have the scraplift challenge going on until midnight EST today! And I am making your life a little easier if you want to do this challenge. See the end of the post to find out how! Make sure that you post in the SUN challenge gallery and link back to this thread- which is where you'll find all the info!

The QP Olympics are still going on! This month's kit is Cosmo-tini from Shawn Headley Designs. See my previous post for my QPs and the ad above was made using the kit. It's a super fun kit!!

What about new kits, you ask? Well, here are a couple- although there have been lots!!
From Kiki Halbert:

The surprise collab from Ellie Lash and Moon Scraps: Rugrats Playground

Make sure you check out the SUN shop for all the newest kits!!

Here is your freebie that will make completing the scraplift challenge at SUN easier:
a template! Click on the image to download!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week one done and a freebie

Week one is done. The first week of school is always so hectic and this one was worse because we are in a different building. So, we have lots of changes... But it went pretty well and I'm having fun so far!

On to scrapping news....
Well, Ellie and Vasco's chat was postponed. Apparently Ellie's son got the chicken pox and had a fever, so they changed it to this Friday at noon PST. That's 2pm my time which is 10 min after school lets out for the day, so I'm going to be joining in from my classroom!

Remember this one isn't at SUN- it's at it's own special chat room! Hope you can join us!!

New Kits!
I'm going to start off with what I think is one of the most beautiful kits I've seen in a long, long time! I'm not usually into fall colors and themes, but the colors are so rich, that I can't help but adore this kit!

It's Autumn Breeze from Amanda Kay and as soon as I get my grubby little paws on it, I'll show you a LO or two!

Here is one from Designz by Kristi- it's definitely psychedelic! It's Psychedelic Funk!

I will have to check this one out. It'd be perfect for 70's LOs and those school dress up days!

Know what?!?!? If you read today's monthly SUN newsletter, you know this. If you don't get the newsletters, click on my blinkie on the right hand side to subscribe- it's worth it!!
Wonder Girls Janel and Mandi have some great products in the store:

Also, the Sunflowers have Collabs coming out tomorrow! Can't wait to get to use these collabs!!

Look for a new challenge at The Race Track on Monday night or Tuesday sometime. I can't tell you what it is, but it will be fabulous! Also, the awesome ladies of Polka Dot Plum are hosting this week's speed scrap!

*ad made with Fern Gully from Polka Dot Plum!

Hope you can join us!!

September QP Olympics: Cosmo-tini from Shawn Headley. I had a lot of fun with this kit- as you can see from all of my LOs and QPs: See this thread for the coupon and the details!

And the QPs that go with them:

I have made a few different templates today. One will be strictly for my personal use and one I may release later, but this one I really like! You notice that I used it for a QP above. Click on the image to download it!

Thanks and until next time.....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Woot!! and freebie

Hi everyone!

Want to know what the WOOT is for? Well, the other day I was chatting with Mary (Catlady Designs- you should check her out) and Amanda Kay popped on and asked if I wanted to be a full time Sunshine Sweetie! Well, of course I said yes- very calmly and rationally- meanwhile jumping for joy! So, not only do I have the distinct pleasure of being a Wonder Girl, I also get to be a Sweetie! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!

So what else is new in Sun world? Well, there have been some FANTASTIC collabs coming out!!
This one is from Moon Scraps and Franziska:

and I have a LO using it!

There is one from Studio mgl (Monica left SUN store for Scrapbookgraphics- great for her, not for us :( and Franziska:

I can't wait to get my hands on this baby!!

This one isn't in SUN store, but it's by SUN designers, so I'm posting it- plus- it's GORGEOUS!
From Studio mgl and Sugarplum Paperie is Chilled Wine:

And Moon Scraps and Ellie Lash have a new collab. I don't have a preview, but they are having a happy chat to introduce the kit!!

And since it's kinda little, here are the details:
Chat: Friday/Saturday (5/6) at 7am GST, 3am EST
Yep- this is 2am my time, but you know what? If Vasco can stay up til 4am for a chat, I can stay up til 3!
It's a private chat room:

I hope all of you can make it!

New SUN challenge up!!
It's a recipe challenge!! Check it out here!

Also, speed scrap warning!!

A couple other things:
1. You should all check out Kiki Halbert's blog. She has a scraplift challenge going on and it's great!!
2. Also, I've discovered Chrissy W's blog lately. She has a template challenge going on right now!
3. If you know of any cool blog challenges, let me know. I'm taking a mini-break from site challenges (well, except SUN because I post those LOL) and am trying blog challenges!

Ok- I know that I have lots of other designers, but tomorrow is the first day of school and I am NOT ready. So, I bid you good night.

What? You want your freebie I promised? Ok- I was gonna do another Abby template, but the last one BOMBED- only 13 people downloaded it :( So, here is another 12x12 template. If there is something you would like to see, let me know and I'll try to make it happen! Click on the image to download!